Zone Technique optimize your health Create that perfect balance that allows
your body to function optimally
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Acupuncture The use of fine needles to balance
the meridians in our body
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Food Sensitivity
A blood draw or finger prick test is
used to find delayed food sensitivities
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Massage Therapy
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LéWellness stands for healing, empathy and hope for every patient who chooses this clinic as a part of their healing journey. It is a clinic that provides a wide array of treatment tools for healing that includes acupuncture, homeopathy, the zone technique and much more!

Dr. Fahrin Mohamed ND

Having battled her own ailments, Dr. Mohamed gravitated towards naturopathic medicine because of the holistic and multi-faceted approach it offers. Her childhood dream was to be a doctor because of her passion to assist people in their journey to health.

Dr. Mo’s Videos

What is the Zone Technique?
Launch of Clinic
Clinic – Virtual Tour

Therapies & Wellness Programs

Zone Technique

With only three other practitioners certified in Canada, the zone technique balances the body as a whole to create optimal healing.  Please refer to for more information. Click Here to watch a video on the Zone Technique.

IV Therapy

Custom Nutrient IV Therapy. Book a consult to know more!

Injection Therapies

B12 shots, Vitamin D shots, Weight loss support shots, Seasonal Allergy Shots and much more!


The core of every treatment is balancing the body. Acupuncture is the use of fine needles to balance the meridians in our body by moving chi (energy). Book with our certified acupuncturist!

Naturopathic Medicine

A blend of various modules that include homeopathy, physical medicine, botanical medicine and supplementation to create optimal healing in the body.

Nutrition, and Weight Loss

Book an appointment with our Registered Nutritionist and Brain Injury Support Worker


Book with our Advanced Certified Trainer for NeuroOptimal Brain Training Systems

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine believes that “like dissolves like”. It is a non-invasive modality that can result in profound changes in the body. A remedy is given to you in the form of ampules after a detailed intake.

Food Sensitivity Testing

A blood draw or finger prick test is used to find delayed food sensitivities and then a customized food plan is made for you according to results to help alleviate symptoms.

Registered Massage Therapy

 Call or email to book your appointment

“One moment can change a day,
one day can change a life,
and one life can change the world.”

– Buddha –


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